Ensure the guest satisfaction at the maximum level and to make guests feel at home,
Provide the employees satisfaction with a peaceful working atmosphere by keeping trust, discipline, teamwork and communication at the highest level,
To continuously improve service standards to achieve goals,
Continue to improvement the service standards for the aims,
Carry it to the highest level of providing continuous food Safety, in the process since purchasing the food to its presentation to the guests and Staff.
To follow up the technological developments, legal conditions and regulations,
Being open to innovations and giving importance to education,
Ensure the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems by eliminating non-recyclable wastes without harming the environmen by prevent environmental pollution, to reduce waste at its source as much as possible, to recycle it.
We are committed to protecting natural resources by choosing environmentally friendly products and using resources such as energy and water sparingly.

The Vision
To be the first tourism brand that comes to mind for domestic and foreign guests, make a difference in an excellent service in the tourism sector.

The Mission
Focused on preserving the natural, historical and cultural values of our country,
constantly improving environmental awareness,
To ensure the continuity of our services provided in accordance with international Quality Systems by constantly improving guest and employee satisfaction.

The Values
In order to achieve Trendy Hotels vision and fulfill its mission;
The most valuable resource is human; HUMAN FIRST
The guests will feel at home; HOSPITALITY
Treating everyone equally; JUSTICE
Sincere, accurate, open service; HONESTY
The strongest relation; RELIABILITY
Protection of our guests and employees; SECURITY
Strong connection with nature, ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY
To nature and all living beings; RESPECT
Enabling to be one step ahead; INNOVATION
Having love; SMILE